Artist: Dom F. Scab
Album: Crosswords

Label: Margen
Released: 15 January 2005

Crosswords Dom F Scab
The album Crosswords (58'05") by Dom F. Scab is for anyone interested in instrumental music that is more focused than all-out smooth spacemusic - yet a bit more cerebral than prog-rock. This album delivers seven tracks which reference majestic moments in classic works by Vangelis and the calming sounds of repetition circa Tangerine Dream's early "Blue" years. While Scab builds his music with these touchstones, the arrangement, execution and vision is completely his own. The music on Crosswords is in constant motion, stopping, starting and shifting at the will of a dexterous composer. Scab's tone patterns are energetic and cycle through many engaging variations. His sequencer can run full-tilt, producing heart-pounding syncopated rhythms, then dramatically slow down to a percolating, bubbling pace. The melodic content spins above and below the rhythm floor. Scab's wide open synth lead lines energize the brightening air, shifting tone wildly. There are also places where the mood becomes more settled, locating a less playful and more reverential space. Scab's greatest accomplishment is creating music that is engaging and listenable without being simplistic.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   3 March 2005

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