Artist: TJ Porter
Album: Darkness

Released: 18 April 2019
Label: self-released

TJ Porter professes a profound influence from the Berlin-School of Kosmische Musik, and proves it throughout every one of his album releases. His Darkness (42'56") is loaded with throbbing sequencer patterns, and winding motor notes - echoing through space in synchronized machine precision. In lines of dancing tones, each row reinforces the next - while heroic chord progressions pluck both heartstrings and gray matter in equal measure. A vital energy courses through Darkness. In a brilliant adventure into an electronic wonderland of seven carefully conceived works Porter embraces the ideals that framed his music's founding. The melodic content unfurls above and below the pulsing foundation. Wide open synth lead lines energize and brighten the air, and shift mood pleasantly - only to slow dramatically within a bubbling, undulating pace. There are also thought zones where the feel becomes more settled, locating a less energetic and more reverential atmosphere. With darkness on the horizon, the mind of this musician can still imagine events beyond cynicism and mistrust. Let us hope that Porter's Darkness is what we experience just before the dawn.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   6 June 2019

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