Artist: Jonn Serrie
Album: Day Star

Released: 9 September 2014
Label: New World Music

Jonn Serrie Day Star
When the cold black of night becomes too much for us we can turn to Day Star (65'07") by Jonn Serrie. The corners of evening do remain in this seven track spiritual sequel to Thousand Star (2010), and for anyone who has stayed with Serrie this far it is well worth following him again out into the cosmos. Listening with our eyes closed we might imagine this work happening inside the composer's head - to approach the exact same feelings for ourselves, and maybe even experience the kind of soul to soul communication modern society has no recollection of. Dreaming one's self to the music outside and forgetting the ground beneath our feet we can almost sense the fire of the mind agitating the atmosphere. Lingering intros coalesce and metamorphose, then drift away as the elements of these spacey pieces meet, combine and eventually evaporate into air - as if in some amazing converging coincidence of sounds. Blurry chords of keyboard tones and the occasional gently pulsating sequencer pattern provide sleek propulsion across shimmering sonic landscapes. A technician of the sacred, Serrie has perfected the synthesizer programming that produces his signature sparkling tones - the ones that go so well alongside his imaginative sci-fi effects and blackhole modulations. This frontier will never close, so long as artists like Jonn Serrie are out there working, exploring and expanding the Spacemusic genre at such an advanced level. It has been said that our world begins and ends in the distance we are willing to travel. Jonn Serrie and his album Day Star wishes us a very, very large world.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   2 October 2014

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