Artist: Lorenzo Montana
Album: Descent

Released: 4 March 2022
Label: Projekt

Descent Lorenzo Montana
On Descent (52'35"), Lorenzo Montanà goes for a lasting wonderment. An absorbing release, those open to the seduction of Electronic drama will be greatly rewarded. A terrain of scenic contrasts always makes for more interesting travels. But on this Descent we may never make a landing, ideally spending the duration of this album traversing the depths of our own imagination. With some sounds submerged in shadow, while others are shining on the surface, slowly circling clouds of harmony produce a fascinating atmosphere. Enigmatic, but with an air of possibility, the mood and emotional momentum transform minute by minute in an ever-evolving manipulation of touch and tone. Where reverberant chords surrender to the horizon, glowing notes flex and fade among forgotten areas of the self. With subtle percussion riffs materializing on his evocative synthesizer textures, Montanà produces passages of mystic intrigue. In devouring durations of dusk, the eight tracks advance under their own pulse. Using long building sonic structures and negative space to delineate form, it is possible to find grace somewhere in the minimal twilight of this beautiful work. Descent gradually alternates between the dark and intense, and the dense and untrodden, but also inside the gentle and delicate - which acts to open a space where we may submit to the innermost exploration.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   3 March 2022

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