Artist: Marconi Union
Album: Different Colours

Released: 18 June 2012
Label: Just Music

Different Colours Marconi Union
Marconi Union uses rock instrumentation for non-rock purposes. The intention is to give their audience something beyond the prescription of ordinary pop songs. Different Colours (48'31") is their sixth release and its absorbing assortment of seven atmospheric and textural instrumental tracks are sure to move the listener to experiences of their own making. Featuring Jamie Crossley (guitar and electronics), Richard Talbot (electronics and keyboards) and Duncan Meadows (piano) their album brings together the evanescent and the momentous along with the ethereal and the weighty. The more upbeat compositions connote movement, flux and transience. When this trio kicks it into higher gear with twanging guitar, snaking e-bow melodies and muted beats the feeling is strangely invigorating. The calming properties of the pieces exploring ambient realms keeps Different Colours from developing into a runaway. Followers understand the unique stirrings this work may bestow - a reaction without action. Sometimes music can channel the ethos of another era, or as it seems in the case of Marconi Union, an era that has yet to happen... Their every album seems unexpectedly perfect.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   5 July 2012

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