Artist: Dwight Ashley
Album: Discrete Carbon

Released: 17 May 2004
Label: Nepenthe

Discrete Carbon
For some musicians, the process of creating music itself is their personal refuge from the world - a way to release tension, a way to become fully absorbed in something, a way to be alone with one's self. Other musicians make music as a means to explore their own humanity - the ritual completed when their aural revelations of self-expression are finally shared with others. For Dwight Ashley, his album Discrete Carbon (59'08") was achieved through a bit of both of these principles. The 10 tracks are dark, nuanced and separate artistic visions... yet, once connected by the listener, form something real in and of itself. Discrete Carbon's synthesis of sounds possess a depth and sustained intensity representative of Ashley's uncertain moods and mental manifestations within. Discrete Carbon can be described as emotionally charged, but not in the more lively or conventional sense. The album is laden with the telltale signs of the author's dark dreams and desires; powerful sources, however muted. Ashley's works utilize a wonderful range of unique electronic timbres... manipulated and shaped into fascinating ambient expressions. Each piece's fleeting sentiment advances and wanes, at times with sweeping magnificence - at others in creeps and crawls. While being subtle and subdued, the album remains engaging throughout. It moves easily from one concept to another with Ashley's musical center remaining with this artist's unusual perception and abundant creative power.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   19 May 2004