Artist: Hollan Holmes
Album: A Distant Light

Released: 1 January 2011
Label: self-released

A Distant Light Hollan Holmes
On A Distant Light (59'29") we find Hollan Holmes playing something out of his own life. Not only is it a very interesting crosshatching of spacey New Age tones, electronic minimalism and sequencer music, this CD also describes the interior world of the artist. It is as if Holmes devised a dream, then asked the listener to please step inside. A Distant Light is made up of unforced sounds that exert their own freedom. Melodic waves gently sweep across synchronized synthesized arpeggios - the light skipping rhythm providing an ethereal sense of certainty. While some pieces build from a thin ether to a grand density of sound, others drift and roll in an everlasting sonic atmosphere - at once beautiful and mysterious. Throughout these eight tracks Holmes proceeds in sustained measured tones, as the vast emptiness of space is filled with his own ideas and imagination. A Distant Light is a brain churner for sure, and by listening deeply we may enter a space conducive to examining our own interiority.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   12 October 2011

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