Artist: Rudy Adrian
Album: Distant Stars

Released: 10 August 2010
Label: Lotuspike

Distant Stars Rudy Adrian
Rudy Adrian is one of a few contemporary Electronic Musicians capable of bringing the awesome energy of the cosmos into the musical listening area. His CD Distant Stars (75'43") holds six epic synthesized excursions into deep space. Like the music of his predecessors Jonn Serrie and Michael Stearns, Rudy Adrian creates dramatic soundtracks upon which nearly any celestial phenomenon may be applied. From mysterious and remote to ethereal and heavenly, Distant Stars moves from darkness to light along an arc tracing the curvature of the universe. These slow moving works unfold easily in the dreamy brilliance of euphoric harmonic climaxes or darkly in the thickening air of a room-shaking rumble. Without the signpost of rhythm this album becomes pleasurably shivery. Characterized by stretches of atonal sounds, sparkling effects and rising key progressions of round string timbres Distant Stars provides a compelling experience either for a trip outward into the galaxy or inward to the quiet recesses of thought. Rudy Adrian's music implies a universe still strange and unexplored - stretching our imagination in hopes of yielding deeper rewards.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   19 August 2010

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