Artist: Acheloo
Album: Dream

Label: AD Music
Released: 1 August 2013

Dream (57'32") is the perfect antidote to all the high-octane sequencer albums coming out these days. Guitarist Carlo Luzi records under the name Acheloo and wants to share a universal story. Evoking a world of the subconscious Dream lights up our neural pathways by offering a range of works and a tight focus. Using sophisticated orchestral-synth textures to flesh out its arrangement Luzi's assured guitar playing builds slow-burning spacey anthems. Hovering in some new no-space of breathing guitar and swirling electronics Dream bears the mark of a sophisticated artist. Every note is colored and inflected with natural musicianship, but this never gets in the way of line or phrasing. From a deeply affecting melancholy to the distilled energy and rhythms of Prog-Rock Acheloo delivers a sound world so fully realized that inhabiting this realm might move the unaware waking mind into slow wave sleep. Reverberant guitar leads echo across patterns of fluttering synth notes while gentle e-drums provide a slow propulsive element. Chords change keys and the sound fills out. A ribbon of melody unfurls and the story of the song unfolds. Elsewhere on Dream the music is more open - leaving room for hope. Rolling loops provide a lulling pad upon which Luzi plays as if with an inward grace - his solos full of unforced tenderness and warmth. Rigorously composed and realized, these ten tracks attest to Luzi's tendency to view the world in the image of his fantasies, whether dream or nightmare. Dream is a mind trip on headphones, and believes that the deeper we go within ourselves, the better we may connect with the rest of humanity.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   15 August 2013

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