Artist: Tacit Blue
Album: Dreamland

Label: n/l

With Dreamland the duo of Tacit Blue play their way into existence. On their debut release, Chris Crabtree and Jim Rogers use the vocabulary of the Berlin school of electronic music to phrase their own style of sonic impressionism. From the dynamic stasis of the track "Sand", to the attenuated steady synth pulse of "Pure Snow", the soft bells of sleep on "Chimes of Fall" and the confident rhythms, melodies and energy of "Red Sprites", Tacit Blue's music exists beneath the surface of the night and connects the voices of the past to our present time.

This album offers us a sonic exploration of physical and cerebral spaces, along with Tacit Blue's aural interpretation of their emotional states. On Dreamland the duo have created a clean album of original, warm electronic music and proves that talent is entirely democratic, it can show up anywhere, anytime.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   4 July 2001