Artist: Vir Unis
Album: The Drift Inside

Label: Green House

The Drift Inside   Vir Unis
Vir Unis, Latin for "one man", is the name synthesist John Strate-Hootman has chosen to represent him as a musician. Odd then that Strate is probably most well known for his rhythmic collaborations with the duo of Ma Ja Le as well as with Steve Roach, until now that is. The "one man" has finally released his first full-length solo album, The Drift Inside.

As the title implies the music is aimed toward the space within the listener. With The Drift Inside, Vir Unis demonstrates his talent in his chosen artistic system: the Soundworld Expedition. The CD is as spacey as the night is long. Thick with atmosphere, The Drift Inside is best experienced nocturnally, immersed in night. The new album invites contemplation and introspection, creating a sonic environment that is comfortable and transportive. "Drift" progresses in a nearly imperceptable linear fashion, the listener only faintly aware of being led.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END

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