Artist: Dutch Space Mission
Album: E-Live 2008

Released: October 2008
Label: Ambient Live

E-Live 2008
While out exploring the aural universe one would be most fortunate to come in contact with Dutch Space Mission (Epple E. Hulshof and Bert Hülshoff). Their floating electronic cosmos-scapes will cause the light years to pass quickly and the inter-stellar sights to be all the more wondrous to the traveler. Each of the four compositions on their live recording E-Live 2008 (153'21") begin very quietly. The duo may just be testing out their gear but more likely they are helping the audience align with the rhythm of space. The ethereal slow dance of tones nearly dissolves into glowing light as a thousand shards of spinning sounds go tinkling upward. Their lush abstract space narrows under rising sequencer patterns as motor-like rhythms steadily gain momentum and extend this voyage into tonal regions. Above echoing synchronization, calm lead melodies wind out. With realizations similar to, but somewhat more raw in execution than their fellow countrymen and space brothers Free System Projekt, Dutch Space Mission's elliptical voyages conclude where they began - in tumultuous layers of swirling sound. Like whispers in space their music leaves as much to the imagination as it reveals.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   26 March 2009

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