Artist: Spacecraft
Album: Earthtime Tapestry

Label:Lektronic Soundscapes

Earthtime Tapestry
Playing almost exclusively at planetariums, Spacecraft uses the live experience as a method of developing their music. Drawing on the mood of the audience, the vibe of the performance space and their own state of being as artists in collaboration, Spacecraft feels their way through live sets of improvised electronic sound. With the right combination, moments of brilliance are experienced as the music is revealed to both audience and artist.

Earthtime Tapestry is the third CD by Spacecraft and continues their evolution as live performers. Joined on this CD by fellow synthestist Giles Reaves, Spacecraft refine their approach to spacemusic, raising a notch the level of The Berlin School where this mode of expression was founded.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END