Artist: Between Interval
Album: The Edge of a Fairytale

Released: 14 April 2009
Label: Wanderings/Spotted Peccary

The Edge of a Fairytale Stefan Strand
Creating music as Between Interval began as a way for Stefan Strand to take a break from his more kinetic musical pursuits. The Edge of a Fairytale (62'41") is his fourth CD of futuristic mindscapes. Realized using a fascinating palette of synthesized and sampled sounds, this album presents 11 works meant to occupy the mind of the listener with distinctive and evocative atmospherics. With very little in the way of melodic narrative the listener may become inattendant - left to an unconscious structural appreciation of the music. A spare simplicity, reduction of forms, the repetition of short musical phrases and other concepts drawn from Minimalism helps The Edge of a Fairytale do more with less. Mysterious nocturnes fill the air with vaporous drones, resonating metal and attenuated choirs. As benthal pads saturate the soundfield into atonal subterranean dissonance, sequencer patterns crank steadily beneath cool effects and writhing tones. One must admire the mysterious ways in which this music somehow reaches and reproduces that which is at our inner most being. Quieting the mind Between Interval provokes us to reflection.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   16 July 2009

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