Artist: Matt Coldrick + Matt Hillier
Album: Elemental Journey

Released: 16 August 2005
Label: Absolute Ambient

Elemental Journey
With Elemental Journey (69'41"), Matt Coldrick and Matt Hillier affirm their commitment to music as a medium for the contemplation of nature. While exploring the coloristic range of their instruments, they think beyond the genre to a truly creative work. In spite of their accessibility, the first four tracks of the album are aimed at a sophisticated audience. This section enjoys the kinetic thrill of driving drumbeats and exotic grooves (which are the proven principles of Coldrick and Hillier's sonic blueprint), but subverts dance music's predicable repetition. Animated rhythm loops create the deep structure of this music, and their rush is alternated with dramatic slow-motion dreamy textural encounters and silvery melodic invention. Each composition jumps, peaks and turns back in quick-cut masterful pacing. What begins in a state of energy and motion culminates in a drawn-out extended piece aimed at the listener's inner dream of Eden. "Air" (23'28") is compellingly thematic with a striking range of synthesizer color and texture. The piece is restless, yet contemplative as this duo turns a simplified harmonic approach into a spiritual journey. Comprised of swelling drones, comforting harmonies and evocative effects, this closing track reveals its compositional foundation in the ability to mold our mood. But these quiet moments, whose emotional ripples seem to echo outward forever, move beyond the control of their maker. Big ideas underlie this work, which attempts to connect technology, nature and the human race. Elemental Journey is for those yearning for authenticity in an increasingly artificial world.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   2 February 2006

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