Artist: Martin Stürtzer
Album: Epsilon Eridani

Released: 20 July 2022
Label: self-released

Epsilon Eridani Martin Sturtzer
With Epsilon Eridani (40'55") Martin Stürtzer shares his LP length window on the cosmos. Charged with a brain chilling energy this most majestic machine music involves all sorts of human choices and interventions. Across its three tracks the pitch-dark universe seems to become lit by a flicker of electronic grace. From dense sounds carrying an air of displacement to undulating fields of synthesized chords, Epsilon Eridani expands and contracts in a slow motion of round sounds and tamed timbre. We may imagine a set of concentric spheres - echoing sequencer patterns progressively revealed - as we move further along this sonic detour from linear thinking. Delving deeper into the the second half of this release we find tonal differences dominating the realm. Through the placement of contrasting harmonies this piece expresses texture, atmosphere, and all else that eludes the spoken word. Throughout all his substantial spacey interludes Stürtzer encourages the listener to follow the music in all its unfolding detail. In his idea of what may exist between the stars we should experience an unfamiliar feeling of lightness, like being on another planet where the force of gravity is only a fraction of the earth's - a world where the low hum of possibility is constantly reverberating.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   21 July 2022

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