Artist: Ashley | Roedelius | Story
Album: Errata

Released: 14 November 2008
Label: Nepenthe

When things go well for musicians brought together to jam, a sense of precognition touches each player. Under just the right circumstances, music happens in a wonderful creative flow - within which everyone sounds off (or holds back) in perfect accord. This chemistry can be found on Errata (49'27"), the unhindered true expression between collaborators Dwight Ashley, Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Tim Story. Their ten willfully strange oddball sonic constructions seem drawn equally from each distinctive musical orientation, and areas never before accessed. The first several tracks are a quirky, creaky odd mix-up of steady beats and free melodic invention - culminating in a 10 minute fast lane free-for-all jam session representative of all that is ecstatic in music. The whirling jams are reined in on the three remaining pieces. Grainy textures breathe slowly beneath luminescent synth pads and ethereal reedy tones, which creates a lovely holding environment. At last, along with bowed strings and subtly distorted electronics, a haunting piano riff reiterates with increasing curiosity. The result is sparse in delivery but dense with emotion. On Errata Ashley, Roedelius & Story create an atmospheric masterpiece - with a wildness that never turns reckless, and a space that is always in motion.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   13 November 2008

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