Artist: Chronotope Project
Album: Event Horizon

Released: 18 October 2013
Label: Relaxed Machinery

Event Horizon Jeffrey Ericson Allen
Chronotope Project creates a frontier of sound which we explore together. Working under this name multi-instrumentalist Jeffrey Ericson Allen again reveals his core sonic identity on Event Horizon (58'01"), his third CD. This music seems to float in from a place you know you have been to. While it possesses plenty of momentum, nothing passes in a blur. Event Horizon is made up of nine separate tracks - each its own unique synthetic expression. With numerous stretches of luxurious electronic chords and shimmering, spacey accents the listener finds ample opportunities for drifting and thinking. But also available throughout this work are subtle rhythms, soft beats and synth grooves - some from ethnic percussion loops, others coaxed out of waveforms and filters. This compositional element hikes up the energy level somewhat, but every change on Event Horizon is calculated - in complete service to the rounded edges of its dreamy mood and the cerebral design of its dramatic arrangement. The musician has created a rich and detailed background - obviously spending much time in its creation. This adds an invaluable dimension, as this kind of music should be about more than just pulsing sequencers and echoing patterns. Parts of Event Horizon will be appreciated by those who fancy new age or contemporary instrumental music. Those seeking something further out will be utterly absorbed in its ability to transport. Here Chronotope Project keeps his defining characteristics but attaches them to enough new ideas so as to realize something intriguing and original.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   9 January 2014

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