Artist: Description Without Place
Album: Filaments

Released: October 2008
Label: dataObscura

The CD Filaments (55'35") by Description Without Place presents seven ambient stopovers - each inviting the listener into its own unique atmosphere. With this work Anthony Paul Kirby and James McDougal demonstrate the capability to re-create, on an aural plane, the imaginings of the mind. The soft tones and cloudy languor of these sound designs give the impression of a deeper, unspoken meaning. Each piece conveys a sense of environment - perhaps fog shrouded, frost covered or bathed in moonlight. The range of moods dispensed by this album will engage the listener or, for those asleep and dreaming, bestow the feeling of slowly moving between amorphous territories. By combining digital clicks and grit with synthesizer tones, reverberant piano and altered nature recordings Kirby and McDougal realize a variety of soundworlds that unfold over time. Indistinct rumbling beneath sparse electrical snaps are a curious companion to the lovely ethereal pads that materialize amidst layers of subliminal effects. The bleak beauty and submerged perspective of Filaments makes for a penetrating experience. The soundfield it manages to realize is so much bigger that what we can see.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   29 January 2009

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