Artist: Dino Pacifici
Album: The Float Zone

Released: 2004
Label: Scorpio Rising Music

The Float Zone
Dino Pacifici has given his album, The Float Zone (57'55"), the perfect name. What with it's drifting nature and recumbent posture, it is unlikely that anyone experiencing this album will ever be able to find the floor. The seven tracks work on the modality of the mind. Each piece creates an area outside of time, exhibiting a sprawling stillness attributable to Pacifici's introspective design. The slow movement and gradual kinetic flux of his soundscapes draw us inward and the listener's transient thoughts and mental states become lost within this work's expansive dreaminess. The sounds on The Float Zone are made by synthesizers, samplers, guitars and numerous other gadgets. Each piece seems to rush into the listening space. With dense drones, harmonic pads, reverberant voices and numerous unsettling accents and modulations, we quickly become lost in this album's dark dimensions. Towards the album's conclusion, Pacifici injects his work with cycling rhythms, light melodies and an overall brightness, aiding in the much-desired soft landing... Is this an album of Space or Ambient Music? With its ability to instill within the listener both a sense of the vastness of space and the timelessness of infinity, The Float Zone contains properties of both.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   6 January 2005

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