Artist: James Johnson & Robert Scott Thompson
Album: Forgotten Places

Label: Zero

Forgotten Places
Forgotten Places is the debut collaboration between two of spacemusic's most interesting personalities, James Johnson and Robert Scott Thompson. While the duo have as individuals been exploring slightly different areas of the genre, their talents combined yield a wonderful album that is very soothing, reassuring and beautiful as in the first moments of a bright summer sunrise - a prelude to the new day.

As the title implies, Forgotten Places is concerned with music that evokes impressionistic memories and moods like those of having been through somewhere a while back; although we're not sure if the space occupied was physical or cerebral. Incorporating airy synth pads, slow reverberant piano solos and field recordings from various natural environments, the duo realizes ten subtle sonic vignettes that open slowly, blossom and then fade into the misty distance. Forgotten Places is a very visual album, with the listener experiencing each track similar to the way the mind accesses and recreates its memories; at times with crystal clarity and at others rosey, with a bit of fog around the edges.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   12 October 2001

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