Artists: Various
Album: Form and Function

Released: 18 September 2020
Label: DiN

Form and Function
Reinforcements arrive with the release of Form and Function (62'39"), the fourth in the DiN Records Tone Science anthology series. Documenting a continuing revolution this run of releases features an equipment list as diverse as the motivations, desires and pedigrees of its contributors. The one thing they do all have in common are imaginations unrestricted by mainstream dictums. This group is dedicated to producing expressions using sounds that have no relation to any acoustic instrument. These are realizations that register as aural propositions. They are not about anything, and afford no traction for analysis as they make us conscious of the sound space that their work is filling. Falling under their enchantment listeners may withdraw into a fanciful inner life. The nine tracks by nine different artists are fitted together with irresistible perfection. Not for the sake of innovation alone, each exhibit on Form and Function possesses its own unique musical intent. Its themes of initiation and enlightenment should be heard rising from each electrical fantasia. Loosely organized into three sections this compilation initially invites us into a spritely colorful dream world. In a passionate rather than procedural air the tracks by Batchas, Lightbath and Panic Girl ripple like synapses along neural pathways. As our hearts lurch and lift in response their graceful precision undergoes expressive permutations. By turns meditative and mobile, the atmosphere soon softens to a tender incandescence. Through the middle phase Andrew Huang and Stefan Bojczuk play in a theatre of twilight. Enigmatically musing these two compositions present both the fundamentals as well as the higher math of sound generation. Ghostly melodies coalesce out of turbulent drones, as fragile openings transform into more rarified textures. A darksome montage displaces the bright sound of stainless steel synths in quiet, unadorned insularity. The pieces by Ebcidic, Steve Davis and Mattia Cupelli displace sonic contemplation with confrontation. Exquisite and harrowing their fugitive timbres balance a discordant tonal range. A thrusting beat pushes forward. The creative mangling of sound writhes in sonorous note clusters. The clarities of mass penetrate, but soon draw back. The concluding piece by Tim Held wrings poignancy from the perilous soundscape, bringing an Earthly calm, which hangs in the distance until it vanishes completely. This style of music occupies a distinct realm of art not subordinate to any other. Expressing some intellectual dimension of its composers the Tone Science series will continue its vivid collections. It is where we will always find Electronic Music living up to its promise - as this community continually proves to be an inexhaustible store of wonder.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   17 September 2020

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