Artist: Arcane
Album: Gather Darkness

Label: Neu Harmony

Gather Darkness
Described as "a darker Tangerine Dream", the German based Arcane at last has their music available on CD. Gather Darkness evokes a mood of mystery and a state of anticipation, much like the Fritz Lieber novel of the same name. This release has the open feel of improvisation, with the pace of an accomplished storyteller. Pledged to use only technology from the 1970's, Arcane's music offers a glimpse into some personal loss and provides a sense of a revived era: cross-modulated synth bells fade to Mellotron choir, a minor-key melody gently introduces a 16 step sequence pattern, layers of rhythms and effects synchronize and fill out with the focus of a lead synth line. But Gather Darkness is less about vintage analogue gear than the emotion and atmosphere skilled musicians create using it.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END

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