Artist: Free System Projekt
Album: Gent

Released: 28 April 2007
Label: FSP Records

Watching Free System Projekt live it is easy to imagine the stationary figures manning the helm of a starship. With little movement or acknowledgement of the audience (or even each other) the trio makes adjustments to the course of the concert by interfacing with their racks of gear with a stoicism reserved for the single-minded voyagers of an outer space sci-fi tale. Their live CD Gent (73'07") navigates through space first explored on works like Ricochet and Picture Music, but more resembles an age or era than it does any particular album. FSP's music wonderfully captures the spacefaring atmosphere and cosmic mystery this genre is known for. Pulsing sequencers, celestial choirs, spiraling spacey effects and graceful synth-bourne melodies provide this music with a luxurious feel even where it is most spare. The scale of some of these tracks dwarfs the listener as the imaginative scoring and rapt intensity evokes limitless horizons. Mankind may never reach the edge of the universe, though people buy a ticket to this destination at every concert performance by Free System Projekt.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   26 July 2007

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