Artist: Palancar
Album: Grand Tour of the Pleiades

Label: self-released
Released: 20 August 2023

Grand Tour of the Pleiades Darrell Burgan
From glossy New Age space and romance, to the propulsive rhythms, shifting harmonies and conquering melodies of a more galactic drama, the distinct and diverse work of Darrell Burgan courses across a growth mindset, and on into the interstellar realm. Recording as Palancar he has produced an enthusiastic realization in ten movements for the Star's End Space Camp commission. His Grand Tour of the Pleiades is an imaginative journey to the Seven Sisters star cluster.

Under the name Palancar Electronic Musician Darrell Burgan has had great success releasing a varied range of music. Visiting the New Age, Ambient, Experimental and Spacemusic realms his works are the result of a curious mind and a desire for expression. For this Star's End commission Burgan created a completely new work meant to transpire over the course of an entire 60 minute program segment.

Fully embracing the opportunity to provide the Star's End audience with a beautiful, unique listening experience, Burgan's Grand Tour of the Pleiades airs 08.20.23 as part of Star's End Space Camp 2023.

Ahead of the premiere airing of Grand Tour of the Pleiades Star's End host Chuck van Zyl interviewed Darrell Burgan to gain insight into his process, motivation and ideals.


Chuck van Zyl: Do you consider Grand Tour of the Pleiades a studio creation? or several live vignettes assembled into one hour-long production?

Darrell Burgan: Definitely a studio creation stem to stern. I'd call it a "Studio Spacemusic Long-Player" in ten movements, or something along those lines. This production was set about in June 2023 at a studio in the mountains of south central Colorado, USA - and tailored specifically for the enjoyment of my fellow Star's End listeners.

The ten movements of Grand Tour of the Pleiades are:

Part 01: Cryosleep
Part 02: Deceleration
Part 03: Merope
Part 04: Alcyone
Part 05: Maia
Part 06: Asterope
Part 07: Celaeno
Part 08: Taygete
Part 09: Electra
Part 10: Voyaging Home


Chuck: What other insights can you give us into the realization of your Grand Tour of the Pleiades?

Darrell: I started with a fantasy concept of a "Space Camp" where a bunch of eager students get together in the summer at a NASA facility to learn all about outer space exploration. I thought a virtual trip to a beautiful "local" constellation (such as the Pleiades) seemed like a good theme for this experience, so I sought to create a soundtrack for the journey. I tried to stick within a pure Spacemusic style and keep with this theme of a pleasure cruise to the stars, so I stayed away from darker or more experimental fare, and limited myself to producing a single common feel for an entire hour.

It's really intended to be the kind of music one would have on in the background while piloting a spaceship off to tour the sights of our galaxy!


Chuck: I am truly impressed by the quality and craft of your works as Palancar, as well as the range of expression. You've succeeded in releasing a very diverse catalogue of albums, exhibit a command of each style, and move between genres at will. Please provide insight into your decision process. Are your albums a reaction to a new instrument? or is the diversity of your output a response to the dynamics of your own life? or the world? or some other art/music?

Darrell: Yes, I do go off on tangents a bit :) My music is just pure expression - trying to capture a moment, or an essence, or a picture in my mind... and sometimes that leads me in different directions, even from one day to the next. For this reason, I always have multiple album productions going at once, so a piece in progress can move to the forefront should a bolt of inspiration strike.

All kinds of things inspire my music. New instruments certainly do, but also I am learning a bit about music from afar and sometimes I'll have a random idea for something I haven't tried before. Other times I might feel like I'm not giving one of my synths enough love, so I'll play with it, which triggers inspiration. It really is such a joyous experience for me!


Please tune in to the 08.20.23 broadcast of Star's End Ambient Radio for the premiere of Grand Tour of the Pleiades, the previously unreleased new work by Palancar - realized especially for Star's End Space Camp 2023.


- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   17 August 2023

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