Composer: Joep Franssens
Composition: Harmony of the Spheres

Label: Composers' Voice
Released: November 2003

Harmony of the Spheres
The discovery of a correlation between sound and space and the order of the cosmos has lead to endeavors in defining The Universe through music. Harmony of the Spheres (63'30") is Dutch composer Joep Franssens' attempt at connecting the scientific with the spiritual. Franssens explores chromatic space and the spiritual imagination through this luminal and enigmatic composition for choir. A sound mysteriously multiplied, this composition is enduring and endearing in its scale and consistency. The human voices bestow upon this work, meant as an expression of the divine presence in the world, a universal resonance. In motion and stasis the choral textures create a sublime and ethereal space. Harmony of the Spheres is divided into five movements. At the opening, the mood progresses from venerable to intense. The center section is the most potent, as sustaining orchestral elements are added in. Along with being somber and comforting this music is also beautiful and celebratory. As the work resolves into harmonious calm, our space-time odyssey draws to a close. The realizations of a timeless, creative power cannot be defined or determined purely by intellectual means. Through this music's transcendent promise we hope to approach an expression of the inner workings of The Universe.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   12 March 2005

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