Artist: Christian Hoy Knudsen
Album: Hav

Label: Council Of Nine

The CD Hav by Christian Hoy Knudsen is organized in such a way so as to produce ten sound zones (tracks), each with its own distinctive atmosphere, climate and character. The music on Hav does not draw, but rather surrounds the listener. Emerged in sound, we have an experience cold with mystery yet punctuated by moments of warmth. With the near absence of rhythm, the point of this album is made using harmony, timbre and highly original sound design as in: brightness contrasting the muted, stillness broken by obtrusion and the atonal disolving into the harmomic. Hav is a pleasing dynamic of expressionist sound manipulation and experimentation with the emotional content of an intelligent, introspective being.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   18 July 2000

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