Artist: Jonn Serrie & Gary Stroutsos
Album: Hidden World Beyond

Released: 22 September 2009
Label: Valley Entertainment

Hidden World Beyond Jonn Serrie & Gary Stroutsos
On Hidden World Beyond (62'46") moderns and ancients mix in ways that are sometimes haunted, sometimes in contrast, but always beautifully crafted. Electronic musician Jonn Serrie and flute player Gary Stroutsos are the two vulnerable spirits playing on this sequel to their first collaboration Hidden World. Stroutsos' native flutes are played out front pushing through reverb. His solos tell us the story of longing for home - the basics of tonality. Serrie also possesses a more melodic imagination, but here he provides ambiance and atmosphere. Surrounding Stroutsos' breathy flute tones with wispy pads, low synth drones and electronic glitter Serrie's textural layers lend to this music a sense of cosmic expansion. This and subtle percussion play, evocative environmental recordings along with intelligent arrangement and pacing imbue Hidden World Beyond with a sense of the mystical - sending these ten love songs to the universe on a through line across genres and styles as well as mood and tone.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   24 September 2009

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