Artist: K Markov
Album: High Voltage

Released: 1 February 2019
Label: self-released

High Voltage
From a realm of sonic wonder comes High Voltage (49'02") by K Markov. This release and its like are not a retreat from the world, but rather a re-imagining of what can be. Drawn in by a vivid imagination and high spirit, we find something cool, real and sudden. Each of the three tracks found on High Voltage have been designed to flow as a whole, gradually infusing our listening space with Markov's sense of wonder at existence. The music is absorbed before we even know we have heard it. As thrilling contrasts move between the poles of chaos and order, the composer steps outside himself to dream up new realities. Upon the workings of some powerful engine sequencer patterns emerge and echo through the purple dusk of twilight into a perfect pitch dark night. Passing the control of known forces sputtering sparks heat the circuits of our brains while consonant synth melodies foretell the destination of dreams. With all reference points left behind we enter new space, guided only by a refined artistic sensibility. There is no one way to play this music, and so at each new outing we find new things about sound, mood, atmosphere and texture. Attracting the ear and stirring the mind we again find Spacemusic to be the only genre that can support a thousand ideas all in one performance. K Markov is a persistent and prolific composer, proof that music is an urgent calling. On High Voltage he touches the untamed forces of our internal lives, and weaves these themes into a striking album - to help us focus on our won truth. Such imaginative work shows people there are other ways to create and live, as it trains our thoughts. Markov's condition is as with many who have come before him, as he stands in wonder at the unfailing stars.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   21 March 2019

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