Artist: Scanner
Album: The Homeland of Electricity

Released: 17 June 2022
Label: DiN

The Homeland of Electricity Scanner
Accessible only from the first person The Homeland of Electricity (50'11") attracts our attention by way of the veritable imagination of Robin Rimbaud. Under the enduring alias of Scanner he has realized another ten tracks - ten transmissions better understood as distillations of thought, streamlined to play for us within the parameters of Electronic Music. The character of the sounds that make up The Homeland of Electricity range from the rounded and consonant to the brittle and bleak. These deep late encounters with Scanner may go one way or another. Some moments are as soft as sleep, where the mind may slip free of conscious control - while further in arraying linear patterning yields steady sequencer runs, then on into a wide, curved vacancy where we are left to wander the wastes of space alone. Mechanized patterns of notes emerge with an assured meter. In the succession of tones and ideas we find ourselves traveling in place. Within such ambiguous sonorities it is an easy drift deeper into the music. Midway through this album excursion arises a point where we can firmly feel the pressure of Rimbaud's creative energy. In a present tense of wakefulness the propulsion of beats and wildness of samples barreling through slick sputtering synths crosses over Spacemusic boundaries and into something more alloyed. Between the disarmingly gentle and the animated and unconfined we attempt to grasp Scanner's Zone of the Unknown. In his unforced experimentation he discovers hidden affinities. From the raw and power packed to the subtle and dulcet this work retains an all-embracing spirit. By remaining unnamed, it remains even more so in our thoughts.

Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END - 14 July 2022

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