Artists: Emanuele Errante
Album: Humus

Released: April 2008
Label: Somnia

In a genre without borders, everything flows in. The 11 tracks on Humus (62'17") by Emanuele Errante each touch on a different aspect of Ambient Music. By paring short sketch-like realizations with sweeping pastoral drifts, a sense of engagement is sustained throughout. Errante constructs subtle rhythmic vignettes out of multi-layered synth tones and soft percussion. These pieces focus more around pulse than beat - making it easy to become lost within their soft energy. His areas of space and color range from washes of ethereal tones to explorations of sustaining sound environments. Each piece, no matter the length, is meticulously arranged so as to move around (or stay put) in the sonic space it is creating. Sometimes dark and eerie, while in other places light and airy; this music serves the listener equally under scrutiny as it does in the background. Errante's work is inviting and beautiful in its delicacy and otherworldly meditation - while admirably avoiding excess.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   26 June 2008

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