Artist: Jason Sloan
Album: [--]

Released: 27 April 2009
Label: Slobor Media

[--] Jason Sloan
Jason Sloan's explorations in sound, texture and atmosphere go a bit further on his cryptically named CD [--] (41'02"). Until his performance at The Gatherings Concert Series in 2008, Sloan's music was smooth and spacious. It opened up and filled ambient areas with the slow motion of sustaining chords and a gradual metamorphosis of timbre. By adding the elements of rhythm and melody, his live set provided a surprisingly deeper examination of the interior landscape - and most probably led to the realization of [--]. The six tracks are more song-like than previous works. With layers of reverberant e-bow guitar over sampled percussion loops or cloud-soft synth pads churning alongside digital-age beats, Sloan's musical ideas posses a shimmering exuberance. Expanding beyond the uniformity of structure found on his past albums, the energy of the new fuller arrangements is subdued by dreamy atmospherics. Sparking then smoldering, this album plays out across an ever-changing landscape - and deserves praise for aiming so high.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   9 April 2009

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