Artist: Paul Ellis
Album: I Am Here

Released: 14 August 2012
Label: Lotuspike

I Am Here Paul Ellis
Sensing the artist within the context of his body of work is easy with synthesist Paul Ellis. From his cassette culture days as the daring kid-with-a-synth and early electronic workouts with Dweller at the Threshold to the several Hypnos and Groove Unlimited album releases of alternately blazing then contemplative Spacemusic, Paul Ellis may be detected (in varying stages of life) in his music. His CD I Am Here (68'04") actually gives away his present whereabouts. The inspiration for the three lengthy tracks contained herein are the result of Ellis looking outside of himself a bit more than he has on past ruminations. Yet the overall experience of listening to I Am Here feels as if Ellis has found some huge new musical territory inside. This record is never less than intriguing. Possessed by a distinctive creative vision and an ability to keep listeners engaged until the very last note. On I Am Here Paul Ellis drops a silver chain of sound in an odd sequencer arithmetic that builds larger cycles from smaller ones, plays his signature sounds in an advanced arrangement of chords and melodies, then slows it all down into a hazy middle distance time - all in a captivating pulse for the internet age. With I Am Here Paul Ellis demonstrates that he understands this music technically, but also in a deeper way. Composing and playing at full capacity it is as if, in the act of flexing his mind, he has discovered new musical possibilities. He is advancing the genre away from mere knob twiddling, drone roaming and effect tweaking - outward towards a compositionally complex and elegant form of serious, yet heart-felt, fascinating minimalist music. Paul Ellis has found his voice through non-verbal communication. I Am Here is unexpectedly perfect.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   20 September 2012

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