Artist: Immersion Theory
Album: The Icarus Foray

Released: May 2008
Label: n/a

The Icarus Foray
The Icarus Foray (59'02") may seem inspired by the works of Jonn Serrie, Constance Demby or Kevin Braheny as some of its themes and motifs feel similar to quintessential recordings by these three stalwart spacemusic artists. But the first release by Immersion Theory, the musical persona of John-Mark Austin, shares more than just the tonal characteristics of the classics. Throughout four tracks Austin contemplates the grandeur of the cosmos and mankind's attempts at communion with it. With airy synth pads, deep sweeping tones and reverberant waves of electronic harmonies each composition builds a delicate atmosphere. Combining this with astronaut voices, ethereal choirs, rumbling spaceship effects and a dynamic musical range extending from the sustaining quietude of space to exultant orchestral crescendos gives us an album equally at home in the planetarium as it is on a remote hillside gazing at stars.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   8 May 2008

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