Artist: Max Corbacho
Album: Far Beyond The Immobile Point


Far Beyond the Immobile Point
It is especially incumbent upon every spacemusician to know and understand the audience for which their music is produced. In this genre of aural impressionism and sonic expressionism it is the audience who completes each piece in the listening. On the cryptically entitled Far Beyond The Immobile Point, Max Corbacho invites the listener to make a personal interpretation of a tale told with contour, harmony and timbre and to go where only music influenced contemplation can lead.

Corbacho's unfolding soundscapes tell of a "quiet point" beyond which the introspective traveller aspires to pass. At times the soundstream is a torrent of churning contrast while elsewhere it is a warm gentle wind. Whether influenced more by ocean current or desert breeze, that which is to be translated comes to us through Corbacho's capable synth craft. Consisting of well arranged temporal pads, interestingly modulated synth accents and cavernous reverberation, the wealth and range of sound on Far Beyond The Immobile Point is surpassed only by the vivid translations made by open listeners.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   10 January 2001

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