Artist: Casi Cada Minuto
Album: In White Rooms

Released: 9 October 2012
Label: Exitab

In White Rooms Casi Cada Minuto
Music by Casi Cada Minuto (also known as Salvo Herman) introduces new ideas, yet it consolidates impulses already in the air. The CD In White Rooms (40'42") is a great example of theater of the mind generated by the mechanics of the brain. Written with a poet's love and an engineer's precision In White Rooms is a worthy example of the expansive and expressive capabilities of Electronic Music. Each of the six tracks is a fully realized composition, putting into sonic form a distinctive and varied mood, feeling and condition. From the more experimental, where sounds that seem nothing but themselves are formed into a fascinating multi-layered aural collage, to the less amorphous pieces, which present dramatic chord changes and reverberant melodies to pull the listener along, In White Rooms adds in value what it subtracts in pace. Throughout its spin this album leads us through areas of cloudy solemnity and liminal space to symmetrical rhythms, a familiar consonance and recurring minimalistic forms. Its idea density is quite high even while being so pleasant to absorb. If CCM is going to create a lasting mark, this CD points the way.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   7 March 2013

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