Artist: Elve
Album: Infinite Garden

Released: 15 February 2006
Label: Virtual World

Infinite Garden
The major theme running through Infinite Garden (66'23") by Elve is the world of living things. This ever-evolving work is an intricate and impressionistic meditation on the beauties of nature. In his search for a purity of form, Elve uses the most fundamental features of the genre. Murmuring electronic tones mingle with pristine nature recordings so completely that it is difficult to distinguish one from the other. Elsewhere on the album, synth-sounds are ingeniously fashioned to represent the power of a green wild refuge far from civilization. Although this album has been created as an ambient soundscape, there are several areas where rhythms arise. Slow at first and seemingly unpatterned, random tones gradually align into a recognizable pulse. The presence of these forms is not to engage the listener but rather to stimulate the sleeping mind. Along with the obvious influence of the natural world, Elve also references himself, or at least his better known alter ego Ishq. His work evokes dreaming forests, environmental fragility and ecological interconnectedness. Infinite Garden provides what may be called a minimalistic ambience. While the musical forms contain but a few elements, the scope of Infinite Garden is macrocosmic.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   9 February 2006

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