Artist: Paul Ellis
Album: The Infinity Room

Released: May 2006
Label: Groove Unlimited

The Infinity Room
In his continuing investigation into contemporary electronic music, Paul Ellis has produced The Infinity Room (60'01"). On this sonic expedition he provides music no less structured than on previous releases, but with a reduced directed energy. While the heat may be turned down, this music is still quite animated in its color range and articulation. Working with a palette out of the tonal twilight, Ellis carefully layers elemental tones and distinctive accents over an ever-shifting foundation of chords to form a range of new and expressive synthetic arrangements. His synthesizers, powered by a current both electrical and imaginational, allow Ellis to inhabit his own musical territory - somewhere between a new cinematic spacemusic and an ultra-cerebral prog-rock. Each of the six tracks begin simply, but in time evoke complex meditations. The vivid sonic compounds are the magic and essence of The Infinity Room. Each piece possesses a unique and original narrative formed out of engaging melodies, a beautiful contrast of harmony and a continuum of classic and newfound sounds. With this work, Ellis proves that carefully arranged and composed melodious electronic music made up of complexly modulated sounds and dramatic tonal shifts need not sound obtuse, overly intellectual or trite. From cosmic stillness, to shining brilliance, to sensory seduction, Ellis' imaginative scoring and captivating intensity conjure up new visions with each session.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   28 June 2006

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