Artist: Bryan Carrigan
Album: Inspired

Released: 1 September 2014
Label: Peonies Music

Inspired Bryan Carrigan
Have we ever been to a grand exhibition of paintings? of sculptures? Probably. But what about a grand exhibition of sound? Probably not. But the CD Inspired (45'07") may be just that. Realized by Bryan Carrigan, a studio artist with a winning way, this work professes substance over process. Each of the 12 tracks are profoundly thought through yet the full flower of each composition seems a spontaneous arrival. In achieving this tricky task Carrigan makes the listener really want to find out where this music is going, and go along for that ride. Exploring the more refined and elegant timbres of the synthesizer, Carrigan displays his sophisticated compositional sensibilities in the slow and somber followed by tracks full of bright tones, majestic harmonies and jaunty rhythms - a signal of reassurance after periods of beautiful contemplation. Carrigan easily makes Inspired a diverse work. The compositions are ruled by the power of sensual detail so close listening is rewarded with pleasant and unique synthesized sounds, realistic samples of exotic instruments and lovely combinations of the two - which yields lead melodies and harmonic progressions as imaginative as they are expressive. Full of clarity and concision this confidently cool music plays with unforced tenderness and warmth. Inspired is not for a later age but for us right now.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   4 September 2014

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