Artist: Forrest Fang & Carl Weingarten
Album: Invisibility

Released: 29 July 2006
Label: Foundry

Although Carl Weigarten and Forrest Fang as solo artists have each run their music along the long edges of Ambient, World and Contemporary Instrumental music, the collaboration Invisibility (58'36") presents works within an ingenious sonic continuity - one where spinning out human sized electro-ballads alongside reverb drenched textural mindscapes is the appropriate context. The album provides a pleasant impressionistic listening experience, one with very few dissonant spaces. The moods created on Invisibility are as detailed and nuanced as each of the compositions. Themes of warmth, hope and consonance emerge out of the nine impressionistic nocturnes. For the most part, Weingarten's guitar breathes warm chords beneath Fang's swirling synthetic atmospheres. When this effort begins to seem over harmonious, Fang makes things interesting by throwing in cycling crystalline chimes or earthen percussion for Weingarten's snaking guitar melodies to weave through. On a few tracks, the guitar is way up front in the mix and Weingarten slides and picks poignant leads and rolling swells, the echoes of which fade away into the vast ambient elsewhere. In other places his long tones and loops intertwine completely within the fabric of Fang's electronic timbral designs. It is through these deeper spatial dimensions that Invisibility aspires to impact psychologically, somewhere between the explicit and the ephemeral.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   17 August 2006

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