Artist: Neuronium
Album: Jamais Vu

Released: 15 December 2015
Label: self-released

Jamais Vu Michel Huygen
Neuronium has been helmed by Michel Huygen since 1977 - his own personal verve responsible for this music's longevity. With equal amounts of brain and heart he delivers Jamais Vu (67'27"). This music will be drawn to a central place in our attention - as listening will return and reduce us to the infinity of eternal time and the absolute of space. The cosmic themes of Jamais Vu are further heightened by Huygen's clean lined minimalism, which implies formal and spatial boundlessness. Electronic adagios sustain a beautiful state of wonder, while transposing arpeggio notes dancing out through echoing spheres carry yearning synth melodies briskly forward. The pastoral spacemusic on Jamais Vu occasionally pushes into darkness. As structure is discarded, a more ephemeral compositional approach takes its place. Reminding us that we are not in a dream, the music shifts unexpectedly - from subtle synthesizer chordings and moving ethereal vocals, to expressive electronic leads riding atop contemporary beats. The shorter tracks race in pursuit of deeper resonance - all killer, no filler - while we deeply settle into the lengthier compositions as we would an emotional state. This music has always been intentionally elusive, which is meant for our betterment. Delving into Jamais Vu will leave the mind of the listener in a more engaged state with itself - as we find our imaginations continuing Huygen's work well beyond each listening.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   1 September 2016

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