Artist: Gel-Sol
Album: K8ema

Released: 6 September 2010
Label: Psychonavigation

K8ema Gel-Sol
Gel-Sol (Andrew Reichel) works under the principle of permanent revolution. On his CD K8ema (70'07") he re-purposes New Age, Orchestral and even some early Cosmic Music ideas onto his own unique sonic canvas. The result is a nearly beat-less, continuous flow of layered mellow sonic landscapes meant to perfume and enhance the fortunate listening space. Synthesized chords churn into a soft mass of expanding rounded sound as one harmonious scene changes seamlessly into another. Creating and choosing an impressive range of tones, from the curious to the consonant, Gel-Sol arranges and paces this work slow enough to be lulling, yet with enough activity and variety to keep the listener engaged. With its hushed electronics and gentle melodies aside strange voice samples and darkening modulations K8ema moves well between formless night and a twilight realm of beautiful imagery. K8ema exists as a truly distinctive album in an ever-growing library of digital mind-music - not by fracturing or dividing pre-existing forms, but by reasserting the high emotional values of its legacy. Through his assured and expressive use of liberated sound, Gel-Sol is showing us the future of Ambient Spacemusic.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   25 November 2010

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