Artist: Berlin Heritage
Album: Land of the Rising Sun

Released: 3 February 2012
Label: Spheric Music

Land of the Rising Sun Robert Sigmuntowski
Land of the Rising Sun (70'00") is not an album where we will hear strict re-creations of vintage tracks such as "Picture Music" or "Blanche". What we find are classic works embraced and made new by a top synthesist. On his debut CD Robert Sigmuntowski, recording under the name Berlin Heritage, encounters the quiet drama and dark imaginings of the misty reality between sleep and wakefulness. Repeating structures cycle subtly through light and dark pulling us into deeper levels of our own mind. The delicate blending of sounds and repeating sequencer patterns act in the service of producing dream-like atmospherics - within which reality is quite difficult to pinpoint. Elsewhere inside this exuberant re-imagining ethereal choir and cultivated synthesizer tones provide moody accompaniment to the neural activity of the listener. And the flight of keyboard improvisations above obedient pulsing rhythms gives rise to a palpable sense of propulsion. Yet, in the end, it is through strange jagged modulations and deep somber chords that we may sense the pull of the cosmos. On Land of the Rising Sun Berlin Heritage evinces such mastery of form that this release could be mistook for a classic from the 1970s. A monument to the imagination this album's restless explorations prove that Spacemusic will never be fully conquered. Here we find an intelligence extending beyond the cold logic of machines - as well as a strong contribution to a most intriguing musical universe.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   9 February 2012

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