Artist: Steve Moore
Album: Light Echoes

Released: 2 October 2012
Label: Cuneiform

Light Echoes Steve Moore
Loops are everywhere, and when Steve Moore creates one that does not become redundant his audience slips into a different space. His CD Light Echoes (70'26") works a strange and marvelous spell. We hear its detailed and fluid movement with our heads, but the music reaches far into our minds. Light Echoes moves from big synthesizer proclamations to small sequencer dances, yet maintains a natural flow throughout. Building larger cycles from smaller ones the musical energy surges along interlocking lines of notes and patterns - its mechanized echo rumbling and churning like a well-tuned engine. The six tracks deepen with Moore's elevated lead lines and effect soaked chords. With style and assurance his surpassing artistry and emotional heat holds us in its grip. Although Michael Hoenig never recorded this album, hearing Light Echoes might make us check. But Moore's music is more than a quotation game. It is through releases like Light Echoes that EM will endure. We should not be asking is Moore following Michael Hoenig, Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream? But rather are they all following something higher?

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   22 November 2012

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