Artist: Vic Hennegan
Album: Live at The Gatherings

Released: 5 December 2014
Label: self-released

Live at The Gatherings Vic Hennegan
Vic Hennegan is part of a brotherhood that spans continents and centuries. Influenced by innovative works and acts dating back to the pioneers of Electronic Music, Hennegan's endeavors trace a through line - from the birth of synthesizers and the first music made in a lab, to pulsing sequencer Spacemusic atmospheres, and the fusion of anthemic pop/rock laced global grooves. Hennegan's CD Live at The Gatherings (79'15") was recorded at his 19 October 2013 performance for the Philadelphia based concert series, and uses well this beloved shared space of human spirituality. Live at The Gatherings permits us to re-live a special night of music, one where Hennegan filled every corner of the venue's sanctuary with vivid sound - there reverberating right alongside his glowing spirit. Imaginative melodic flourishes act as the narrator of Hennegan's cosmic chronicles. Creamy synth leads buzz, hum and unfurl in a meandering ribbon of notes as a mechanistic motor of patterns throbs away in the lower reaches. While body swaying sensuous beats magically morph into a staccato arpeggio of echoing electro-blips, breathy harmonies and glittering effects advance and recede through the reverent soundspace. Live at The Gatherings also features some music realized and recorded live on the 10.20.13 broadcast of STAR'S END - these two album closing tracks render perfectly the subtle aesthetic of the venerable radio program. Vic Hennegan is an artist, not someone just making entertainment. His music aims to heighten our sensitivities and common yearnings for a better world. His concerts remind us that the audience must first be primed to experience this live music, but also that this music primes us to better experience the world in which we live... a realm where society's problems seem to be beyond our power to solve. Hennegan's music should be celebrated. It reassures us that the forces of order and reason will eventually prevail, even in the most tumultuous of lands.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   11 December 2014

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