Various Artists
Album: Lost in the Humming Air

Released: 10 April 2012
Label: Oktaf

Lost in the Humming Air
Blind listening to Lost in the Humming Air (70'58") will leave us pleased to have heard 13 excellent, well-crafted works of Ambient Music. But this anthology does have a common denominator. Subtitled "Music Inspired by Harold Budd", Lost in the Humming Air officially gives notice that it includes music created overtly under the influence of this legendary composer and musician - rather than (more often than not) leaving Budd's presence an anonymous contemporary presence. One need not have ever heard Harold Budd's work to fully enjoy this anthology, but in an effort to boost our life satisfaction we owe it to ourselves to become aware of at least a few of his prominent musical efforts - such as his notable collaborations with Brian Eno, The Plateaux of Mirror (1980) and The Pearl (1984). Plus Budd's numerous albums of atmospheric solo piano, especially The White Arcades (1988) which now seems a touchstone of deeply felt, introspective music. His Abandon Cities (1984) explores dense synthesized soundscapes while She is a Phantom (1994) seems more an excercize in deconstructed spaciousness. Just as Budd's own body of work touches different parts of the human spirit, so do the contributions of the interesting group of artists chosen to be part of this collection. Biosphere, bvdub & Chris van Wey, Deaf Center, Taylor Dupree, Martin Fuhs, Rafael Anton Irisarri, Marsen Jules, loscil, Mokira, Porn Sword Tobacco, Andrew Thomas, Christopher Willits and Xela produce a wonderful range of works. Yet as diverse as this artistic roster is the tracks combine wonderfully. Over the course of this album it is easy to become lost - which may make Lost in the Humming Air seem like a different CD at every spin. From unadorned and easily absorbed derivatives of the classic Harold Budd sound to the willfully difficult, Lost in the Humming Air keeps the mind buzzing with a sense of possibility - a perfect antidote to current culture's assault on private thought.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   16 August 2012

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