Artist: Brian Vassallo
Album: Memoirs of a Lifetime

Released: December 2010
Label: self-released

Memoirs of a Lifetime Brian Vassallo
The CD Memoirs of a Lifetime (42'53") seems to have been built on Brian Vassallo's respectable 2003 release Beyond. Upon a strong foundation his new sonic structures feel bigger, brighter and more complex. As Memoirs of a Lifetime spins through its eight tight and polished compositions we hear Vassallo heading past classic works by synth heroes Jean Michel Jarre and Vangelis, and ever closer to a unique symphonic prog-space. The first few tracks are spacey and pleasurable as climactic chords and a fluttering arpeggio of notes swirl in a breezy whirlwind of synthetic sound. The mood continues to escalate as ever shifting sequencer patterns run through a series of imaginative progressions. Dropping in and out then jumping from one key to another they keep the pace careening as the listener follows the reeling transfers. From here on out Memoirs of a Lifetime gains momentum as big bouncy electronic rhythms expand and recede beneath dramatically arranged synthesizer orchestrations and atmospheric textures. Heroic guitar inspired keyboard solos next to elegant chamber ensemble simulations timed with a well placed drum kit mix may give listeners from the mainstream an access point - just as the more cerebral among us will become absorbed by the fascinating modulations, engaging arrangements and masterful programming of sounds. Music and memories are among the few things that have the ability to evoke some of life's most powerful emotions. Memoirs of a Lifetime is Brian Vassallo's search for such powerful things - things that we cannot physically touch, yet may touch us so deeply.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   8 June 2012

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