Artist: Saul Stokes
Album: Metacollage

Released: 18 April 2009
Label: Stokesmusic

Metacollage Saul Stokes
Most music is all about pairing notes. Electronic Music is all about pairing sounds. Saul Stokes is an artist who lives in sound. His album Metacollage (49'40") resides among his more Ambient and textural works. Made up of eight quietly complex brain churners, the music on this CD sounds as if electricity were expressing itself as music. Unique tones, ranging from the experimental to the pastoral, are arranged and combined into a most original music. Chimes ring under a digital cloud while raw waveforms are gently twisted, filtered and subdued into fascinating and ever-changing timbres. Jittery beeps slow into lovely melody as a cyber-lullaby forms amidst dulcet synth tones and echo feedback. The overall effect remains in the listening background, yet every now and then a piece does call attention to itself. There is something wondrous about the way this music is produced. While experimenting with his imagination Saul Stokes reveals himself in his work.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   16 April 2009

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