Artist: Frank Klare
Album: Moods

Released: 2006
Label: Groove

With the three tracks on Moods (77'47") Frank Klare further explores the concept of mood sustainment first heard on Klaus Schulze's early cosmic efforts. The opening track, "Alpha Moods", works within the classic sonic architecture found on albums such as Irrlicht and Cyborg. For this piece, Klare develops a deep-freeze of synthy iceness. With its revolving chord progressions and dense layers of frosty electronic timbres, the music conjures up a vast tundral expanse. "Beta Moods" produces a prolonged energy similar to that of the more vibrant tracks on Schulze's later work Audentity. The rhythm parts build up, fill out and become insistent enough to attract the pulse of the listener. Each chord shift feels like a course correction on this wild cosmic ride. "Theta Moods", the third and shortest track, is the most nuanced of the three, and a well-chosen pendant to the longer pieces. Here Klare rolls out sci-fi space blip and raygun blast effects which flash high above a slow current of phasing pads and hollow tones. Somber harmonies rise up and play out in a brief but epic gesture. This stark rendering of interior space is profound in its simplicity, and is a testament to the magnificence of the original.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   22 February 2007

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