Artist: Free System Projekt
Album: Moyland

Released: December 2005
Label: Quantum

Free System Projekt is working to re-contextualize classic spacemusic. On their album Moyland (66'04") the trio again comes up with creative ways to express the vastness of both inner and outer space. The six pieces gradually achieve their weight within the metaphorical zero-g of spacemusic and touch us on levels we have not named. In their search for an updated sound FSP operates with the intelligence and dexterity owed to the prism of decades of interpretation. While lost in this creative wilderness, FSP fully utilizes the wonderful and timeless choir, flute and string sounds of the Mellotron as well as other time-honored synthesizer pads and solo lead voice tones. An interplay of urgent sequencer patterns provides a concentrated intensity as lead melodies charge the music with haunting drama. The mood moves between a hyperspace where everything is alive and in flux to enigmatic images from the well of darkness. The pioneers have set the height of this genre meant to spark non-conscious thought, it is up to Free System Projekt and their fellow settlers to explore the breadth.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   4 May 2006

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